Various 3D Models & Prints


2015 - 2016

Composited Size:

16" x 10" at 300dpi


3D Models (left) / 3D Prints (right)

Software Used:

Cinema 4D & Makerware


Here are a few 3D models I created specifically for printing. The 3D models on the left were box-modeled in Cinema 4D, the 3D prints on the right were printed on a MakerBot 2X printer in SUNY Old Westbury's Fabrication Lab. The jack-o-lantern was my first print done for my 3D Design class and I configured it with a raft, but without supports, leading to a bit of unravelling. The other two models were printed with both a raft and supports. The rabbit model was made as a gift for a classmate and the leprechaun was a gift for my mom. I placed a quarter in the photos for scale.

I used Photoshop to composite these images together, but they are otherwise unedited.