Memento Mori



Video Length:

2 minutes, 55 seconds


Video Art

Software Used:

Adobe Photoshop CS6 & Keynote


A video art piece done for my Senior Project exhibition. I collected and edited 100 photos of skulls belonging to animals that have gone extinct from direct (i.e. hunting) or indirect (i.e. introducing an invasive species) anthropogenic causes. Each skull pops in abruptly before fading out to black. I arranged them in sets of 7 to 8 skulls with them trending from large to small, then having a slightly longer break in between each set to relieve the monotony. The last skull is that of a Neanderthal; because it is so similar to a human skull, I put it at the end as a cautionary tale. The title, meaning "remember your mortality", is a warning that humans will also one day go extinct (quite likely by our own undoing).